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After 30 years in the glass machinery business, we found that it was becoming increasingly more difficult and less profitable to buy used machines, invest time, effort, and money to rebuild them and then sell them at a price less than a brand new machine made in China.

Today, China is the world’s largest glass producer and manufacturer of glass working machinery, but not all Chinese machines are made equal.

Ten years ago we traveled to China and personally investigated the major manufactures of glass working equipment such as flat glass edgers/polisher, bevellers, drills, tempering furnaces, waterjets, laminating furnaces, and much more. We talked with their customers, visited their factories, reviewed their products, attended their trade shows and then ultimately selected the top tier manufactures to bring to the Americas.

The Jordon Glass Corp. has proudly sold and installed several hundred machines of various types to our family of customers worldwide. Now our customers are the top producers in their respective areas. They have benefited from our low cost high quality equipment and our high level of service and knowledge. 

We encourage you to visit us or one of our growing list of customers and see for yourself why these machine are the new way. We encourage you to compare the quality of the machine, the quality of the processing, and of course the quality of the end product. And then we encourage you to compare our prices to those of US or European manufacturers. You will find that we sell our machinery at a fraction of their cost. We know you will like what you'll see.

At Jordon Glass Corp. we strive to make you our next proud user!



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Flat Glass Edgers/Polishers

DE242A - 8 Spindle Flat Edger
DY232A -7 Spindle w/aris peripheral Edger
DE342A - 9 Spindle Flat Edger w/Cerium
Best Seller (Shower Door Fab) - DJ252 - 9 spindle w/cerium & Miter 0° - 60°
DY3B- 3-Spindle Peripheral Edger

Shape Edgers & Bevellers
DS1 - Shape Edger & Beveller

Glass Washers
DQX600 - Series Washing Machine
1600 Sprint - Vertical Glass Washing Machine

Straight Glass Bevellers
DB251D - 8 Spindle Straight Beveller
DB371D - 11 Spindle Digital Beveller
DW351 -9 Spindle Wave & Straight line Beveller

Glass Bevellers for Extra-Small Pieces
DB251A- Straight Line Beveling Machine

Glass Bevellers and Edgers for Extra-Small and Large Pieces
DE363P- Straight Line Edging Machine
DB371B - Straight Line Beveling Machine for Small & Large Pieces

Straight-line Double Edging Machine
DES20 - Straight Line Double-Edging Machine
DES16 - Straight Line Double-Edging Machine

Glass Drilling Machines
DLZ25 - CNC Vertical Drill
 Best Seller for Shower Door Fab-DZ1345 - Glass Drilling Machine 
DSZ50 - Table Top drill
ITGD1200 - Glass Drilling Machine

CNC Glass Groovers
DK315-CNC Glass Groover DQG01-CNC Shape Glass Cutting Table

Glass Sandblasting Machines
ITGS2300 - Automatic Sandblasting Machine
ITGS1800 - Automatic Sandblasting Machine


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